About us

Cortijo dos Santos is located in the campo north of the Sierra de Valle de Abdalajis and La Huma, this mountain range is 50 km northwest of Malaga.

The 150-year-old farm (originally goats) has been completely restored over a period of 13 years and is hidden between the olive and almond trees on a terrain of 2.5 ha. Immediately behind the farm is an old threshing floor (era) where our camper is parked.

From this place it is a fantastically beautiful view of the mountains and the surrounding farmlands.

A little lower on the land in an idyllic valley, we have set up the luxury tents between the olive trees (150 meters from the parking lot).

Because there is no light pollution, we have a beautiful starry sky.

Every season we enjoy the different sounds of the Hoopoe, Bee-eater, Skylark, Little Owl, Goldfinch, Swallow, Partridge and many other birds.

Sometimes at certain wind directions the Griffon Vultures (Gyps Fulvus) fly over our country to forage in El Torcal. Occasionally a Egyptian Vulture (Neophron Percnopterus) is spotted

The farm is ideally suited as a base for short walks through the surrounding farmlands and orchards.

Early in the spring we see first the orchids bloom and then a rich assortment of wild flowers.

Leo Waudman

Organizer and Guide

Leo Waudman has been active in the folk dance world for over 40 years. Performing dancer, choreographer, teacher, Bulgarian dance specialist, rehearsal teacher and tour guide.

After his dance career he emigrated to Spain-Andalusia.

In these years of living and working in Andalusia, he has gained a lot of knowledge of the area with its beautiful nature and culture. He enthusiastically shares his knowledge about everything that grows, blooms and moves with other people.

He also makes full use of his love for woodworking here, by turning the waste wood from the olive trees and other wood that he comes across into something beautiful and usable.

Loes Eijssens

Organizer and Guide

Loes Eijssens has been active in the folk dance world for over 40 years. As a performing dancer, teacher and choreographer of various children’s dance material. She has organized many dance events.

In addition to these activities, she was also a group teacher at a primary school (Montessori).

Because of her gardening training she has a lot of knowledge of nature. She now uses all this knowledge to organize trips for dancers, hikers and nature lovers, but also for tailor-made trips, these are trips that have been put together in consultation with the customer.